Distant Shores of Home

B.R.A.G. Medallion Award 

Booklife Prize in Fiction Semi-finalist


2fb091c87fa5013d768376865ed0f0ef-1To fulfill his vow will take more than the courage and strength that one small boy can draw from within. With the help of his Kashaya friend, he learns to be more than a pebble on the shore tumbled by the surf. He must learn to stand on his own two feet and be more than Misha, an orphan and a half-breed, allowing the tides of prejudice and self-doubt to pull him from the land he’s come to love. He will learn to be Misha Alexandrov.

While the characters may be fictional the setting is quite real. Misha’s tales were created after a magical visit to the north coast of California in 2010, where The Fort Ross Conservancy has lovingly preserved the records and the physical remains of the Russian colony. They labor to this day to educate the public about the fort’s colorful history.


Misha Alexandrov (Distant Shores of Home, #1)

Misha is a dreamer like most of us who have a passion for reading fiction. I hope his love of nature and his courage inspire you as well. Thank you for keeping Misha, Dimitri, Chilan and Kanoa alive in your imaginations.

MISHA ALEXANDROV is now available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle and Nook. Booksellers and schools may purchase at discounted prices through Ingram.

You can learn much more about Ross Colony at http://www.fortross.org.


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